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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find a home within my budget?

First things first...I'll align you with a great lender that can let you know how much house you can qualify for.  In today's hot market, cash offers are king and offers with a mortgage MUST have an approval letter submitted along with to even be considered by a seller. 

What are your fees to represent me?

Whether new construction or pre-owned,  the seller's usually pay a buyer's agent brokerage in the transaction

For listing a home, that brokerage fee is negotiable and written into the listing agreement.

How much do you charge for a single consultation?

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I do not charge a consultation fee to meet with seller's to go over the process of listing and selling a home.   Once hired,  I consult on staging and the showing process, and negotiating offers to a contract and thru to the closing of the sale.  

All of these tasks are included in the final fee paid at the close table.

I also do not charge a consultation fee to meet with buyers to go over the buying process and answer all questions to prepare the buyer.